If you use Google Analytics to track users behaviour on your site, you can easily set it up for a Restu booking form. This will help you find out for example:

  • How many site visitors have reached the booking form page

  • How many visitors have completed the booking process

  • In the case of properly set up UTM parameters, the outcome from your marketing campaigns

First you need to find out yours Google Analytics tracking ID, which you will insert then in the pro.restu administration (Section "Settings> ERB Settings > Widget").

Attention - This option is only available for restaurants accepting reservations.

What are booking resources for?

By enabling of booking resources you determine on which URL your Google Analytics tracking code can run on. We add automatically links listed in the restaurant profile (i.e. Website URL or Facebook URL).

Conversion Tracking

For conversion tracking (realised reservations), you must first enable enhanced ecommerce in Google Analytics.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact your partner manager.

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