How to set up an automatic booking confirmation?

In “Reservation settings” you can set up how many seats from your room capacity can be automatically confirmed. Reservations that exceed this capacity must be confirmed or rejected manually.

  • Set on the slider automatically confirmed room capacity*.

*Room capacity is understood as a sum of all the seats that are set as active.

When do I use an automatic booking rejection?

If you know that you are rejecting all reservations from reaching a definite number of seats by hand, you can determine limits for automatic booking rejection.

How to set individual capacities?

Automatic confirmation can be individually set for single days and hours. You can set the capacity for automatic confirmation for each day, just like you do at the general capacity setting. This individually configured capacity takes precedence over a given hour or day.

What are the “Additional settings”?

Interval for making a reservation

You set minimum time before the reservation starts.

Example: If the interval is 1,5 hours and it is 11:00, the closest possible booking can be made at 12:30.

Interval for reservation processing

By setting this limit, you are informing guests that the reservations, which need to be manually checked, will be handled within the limit of your choice. For the maximum guest satisfaction, we recommend you to confirm reservations within ten minutes from their creation.

The maximum number of guests for automatic confirmation

Set the maximum number of guests in one reservation for automatic confirmation so you must not deal with smaller groups. You have a better overview of bigger ones and you can confirm them manually.

Maximum number of guests per reservation

Determines the maximum guest number, for which is possible to make a reservation.

The increasing capacity coefficient for reservations without a table assigned

A coefficient is a number that multiplies only the number of unseated guests. The increased number of people will then be deducted from the total capacity of the restaurant.

Example: 4 people * coefficient: 1,5 = 6 seats will be deducted from the total capacity

And what next?

If you need some help with the reservation settings or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us in pro.restu chat, or contact your partner manager or write us at

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