Attention, custom labels are available only for Platinum users.

If you simply need to organize your guests, use labels.

Why use labels?

  • You can tag your guests with custom labels and organize them as needed.

  • You can see the labels assigned to guests on the reservation list as well as in each booking directly in the electronic reservation book.

  • You can easily filter by a label to work with guests in bulk.

Application example: You will issue a new vegetarian menu. In the guest list, you filter out all guests for whom you have consented to receive marketing messages. Then you send all these guests a tailor-made message about the new offer.

Where to create new labels?

You can insert new labels in the "Custom Restaurant Tags" section simply by writing a label to create it. In this section, you are allowed to delete labels. If you delete a label, it will also be removed from all guests.

How to tag a guest?

You assign a label to a guest in the guest detail or by tagging one or more in the gues list. Just click the “Edit” button to paste each label. Each guest can have an unlimited number of labels.

How to filter with labels?

You can filter by a label in the “Guests” section. In the top bar, you have two options (“Label” and “Others”). All guests tagged with at least one label are displayed during filtering.

Example: If I select VIP and Allergy, I will see guests who are VIP and Allergy, but also guests who are only VIP or only Allergy.

How do I bulk edit labels?

Just mark the guest you want to add or remove the tag to. After marking a guest a blue bar appears, then select “Edit label”.

How do I set labels to appear in ERB?

Labels are standardly displayed only in reservation detail. You can simply set your labels to appear on the reservation list.

What about the Gold (miniERB) tariff?

Gold tariff users can not create their own labels, they can only choose from three basics (VIP, Allergy, Vegetarian). Bulk edit and notes work just the same as in the Platinum tariff.

Note: Do not forget to always save your changes.


Other options for tagging guests are notes. Notes, just like labels, are appearing in the electronic reservation book and in pro.restu for each reservation. Longer information can be inserted in the note, such information that the label is not sufficient for.

Marketing approval

In each guest detail is a box “Consent to receive commercial communications”. When creating a reservation each guest has the option of agreeing to receive marketing content.

If the guest did not agree when booking, you can add marketing approval manually. In that case guest consent needful.

More information about GDPR and personal information storage you can find in this article.

Downloading guests

Guests can be simply downloaded and worked on. This can be used, for example, to send bulk emails or other marketing activities.

If you did not select only specific guests with marketing consent, two files will be downloaded:

  • Subscribed - guests that agreed to receive marketing content

  • Unsubscribed - guests that did not agree to receive marketing content (we do not recommend using these contacts)

Downloading all guests

In the guest list, you have several options to download guest information. The first option is the “Download” button which can be used to download all guests from all restaurants that you are managing on your account.

Downloading selected guests

Another option is to download only certain guests with the “Download” button in a blue bar which appears only after selecting one or more guests.

Usage example: In the filter, you choose only Vegetarians with marketing consent. You download their contacts and send them an email with a new vegetarian menu.

The guest list is downloaded in CSV format.

Below you can find instructions on how to import this file to:

  • Excel

  • Numbers (Apple)

  • Sheets (Google)

Note: Guest lists are downloaded in a .zip. file. For its right opening in a Windows system, we recommend you to download some of the third-party applications (7- zip, Winrar).

Guests to delete

Each guest with expired recommended time for preservation of personal data is marked with a yellow exclamation mark. We recommend you to delete this guest from your guest list. You can easily filter them out by using the “Guests to delete” button.

Deleting a guest can be done in several ways:

  1. Guest can be deleted directly from the detail. After clicking the box “More options” you can choose “Delete the guest”.

  2. Select all the guests you want to delete and then in the blue bar click the box “More options” and “Delete the guests”.

And what next?

If you need some help with the electronic guest book or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us through the chat on pro.restu, or contact your partner manager or write to us at

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