Why use API?

Note: For API integration it is necessary to have a programmer who knows the RESTU API. ropes.

API allows different applications to communicate and exchange data. The new information is automatically changed everywhere, where is API implemented. In practice, it may look like this. There is a reservation form on your web in your own style and linked to Restu. The form will be always actual (capacity information, blocking, etc) and at the same time, all your bookings will be written into the reservation book and statistics.

When you do not want your own style, you can use prepared Restu codes that inquire minimal programmer intervention and are ready to be directly implemented to your web.

What can the Restu API do?

Gaining restaurant information (address, e-mail, telephone number, description, etc.)

  • Publish rating from Restu.hu

  • Current events overview

  • Creating adjustment and reading daily and fixed menu

  • Creating reservation including restaurant capacity verification

How to make the API work?

  1. The programmer must know RESTU API and also have access to the restaurant.

  2. Contact our support/sales representative to get a generated API key and a user TOKEN. The API key and TOKEN allow you to communicate with your web.

  3. Now you can already implement API to your web. API documentation you can find on https://resturestaurace.docs.apiary.io/#.

And what next?

If you need some help with API or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us in pro.rest chat, or contact your partner manager or write us an email at info@restu.cz.

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