What’s new?

  • For platinum tariff restaurants we prepared the possibility of setting individual capacity for automatic confirmation of reservation on individual days and hours.

  • Codes with reservation form, daily menu, rating and voucher sales are available in pro.restu. administration.

  • In the administration of pro.restu it is possible to set what information about the guest will be displayed directly in reservation list in the electronic reservation book.

  • Pro.restu administration and the electronic reservation book are now completely responsive, the header has also changed, including a revised menu. This allows you to conveniently manage your restaurant via tablet or smartphone.

What’s improved?

  • Notes and blocking in the booking form can now also include an url link.

  • When creating a reservation in the ERB, there is a new notification if the reservation interferes with blocking. You will avoid unfortunate mistakes.

  • In the statistics, you can now set an individual period for which you want to monitor the statistics.

  • In reservation list in pro.restu and electronical reservation book are marked reservations that are for a specific event.

  • In the reservation details, new information was added as to when the reservation was made, where the guests were seated, and who made or confirmed the reservation.

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