Where can I find the "Webcodes" in the pro.restu?

In “Webcodes” section are available different kinds of Restu elements, that you can just copy to your website or facebook.

Application example: Your guests can view the daily menu through and book a table directly from your site.

How to set the codes?

In order to fit the individual elements of your site as much as possible, each has it own customization options: resize, display content, location and color.

Comment: Use “Confirm” button to display the changes.

Restu elements can be added in multiple languages. You switch them by selecting one of the flags. You can choose local language or English.

If you want to have all elements in your own style, use Restu API.

How do I add code to my site?

To paste a code you need an access to HTML code first. Then you copy chosen code and paste it to HTML website, where the Restu element should be displayed.

What to do if the code is not available?

If one of the codes is not available, it is possible that function is not activated. In this case, please contact your partner manager or write us at info@restu.cz.

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