The reservation form shows the available booking times based on selected information, so guests can make a table reservation at your establishment in just a few clicks.

How do I add a reservation form to the website?

In the pro.restu administration in the section “Settings > Webcodes” simply select the type of the reservation form, copy the code and paste it where you need it. You can choose from the following types:

Floating button

This is always displayed in one of the lower corners of the screen and opens after clicking the reservation form. The advantage is that the button and the form do not interfere with the appearance of the page and they can be displayed in any part of the website.

Separate reservation form

A separate form that can very easily be incorporated into the look of your website.

A link on your website will direct the guest to the reservation form on the website.

The complete instructions for adding a reservation form to your website can be found here.

Reservation API

If you want the entire reservation form created according to your needs, you can use our API.

How do I add a reservation form to social networks?

The “Link to the reservation form” is especially suitable for social networks, which redirects the guest to the reservation form.

More information about adding a reservation link to social networks can be found here.

How does the reservation process work?

The reservation form shows only the available times, according to the selected parameters.

*Available time: This is the start time of the reservation, when the business has a free table and the guest can make a reservation.

After selecting a time and filling in contact details, a reservation will be created. The guest knows immediately whether it is confirmed or must wait for its confirmation. Find out how to set up automatic booking confirmation here.

What are the options for customising the reservation form?

Custom colour settings

For the greatest possible individual settings, you can change the main and additional colour of the form on your website. You can match it with the colours of your business.

Option of a smoking/non-smoking table

The booking form offers a choice of smoking or non-smoking tables. All restaurants are automatically set as non-smoking one. If you want your guest to be able to choose a smoking table, contact your Restu manager.

How do I restrict or disable reservations from the reservation form?

If you need to restrict or completely disable the creation of reservations through the reservation form, you have several options:

Use of blocking

If you do not want guests to make reservations for your business on a specific day or time you can use blocking. This is suitable in cases when you expect a private event in your establishment, or you are completely full, or you have to close the business because of any other extraordinary reason. Each blocking, includes a reason, which will be displayed on the booking form. If it is an all-day block, the day is marked as “Closed” when the date is selected.

Rules for accepting reservations in the pro.restu administration

In the “Reservation restrictions” setting, you can set the minimum duration of the reservation, the maximum number of guests per reservation and much more.

By adjusting the opening hours

The opening hours are also displayed in the reservation form. When choosing a date, guests can see that it is not possible to make a reservation for this day and choose another available day.

How can I make a reservation for an event?

Events can also be booked using the reservation form. Each has its own detail, which corresponds to the set parameters of the event (date, time from and to, etc.) and the booking possibility for the event will be offered to the guests only the available times.

If you need help with setting up the reservation form or there is something else you do not know how to deal with, please, do not hesitate to contact us either through the chat on pro.restu, or by contacting your partner manager or by writing to us at

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